Uber, the ride-hailing company, has been subjected to much criticism over the last year involving its workplace culture as well as its business tactics and strategy. However, the taxi company has a track record that includes many other issues, some of which date back to its founding. Below is an incomplete list1 of those controversies.

The list is divided into six categories:2, 3

  • Business Practices;
  • Social Costs;
  • Misuse of Data and Software;
  • Corporate Culture;
  • Passenger Issues; and
  • Driver Issues.

In general, this list should make it clear that Uber’s problems are not isolated to specific parts of its business (e.g. its culture) nor solely the product of certain individuals (most notably, CEO Travis Kalanick, who resigned in June 2017). Rather, these problems permeate Uber as a whole and many of them suggest that they might extend to other ride-hailing companies specifically, and other companies in Silicon Valley more broadly. It should also be clear that many of these problems are continuing.

For more context on Uber and its problems, please see this introduction to the list, which also identifies important themes.

Thanks to Daniel Ramirez, Hannah Emple, and Ivy Lee for research help and for useful suggestions.


  • First posted June 13, 2017


  1. Please contact me if you have corrections, suggestions, or additions.
  2. Many issues could be categorized in several of these. An effort has been made to select a main category.
  3. Specific instances of larger problems are listed independently if they are significant or unique. If neither, they are generalized.