Since 2016, Naked Capitalism has been releasing a (now 28-part!) series by Hubert Horan that looks at Uber, the ride-hailing (read: taxi) company. I can’t recommend the series enough: it is a comprehensive look at the company in the context of the economics of the taxi industry, the ideas about Silicon Valley and “innovation” that it relies on to propagate itself, and its use of marketing, PR, and lawbreaking to obfuscate fairly obvious realities.

As much as for me as for other people, here is a concise place with all the links to the series. See also Horan’s 2017 journal article, Will the Growth of Uber Increase Economic Welfare?, his 2019 journal article Uber’s Path of Destruction, and his three-part series on ProMarket.

Can Uber Ever Deliver?

  1. Understanding Uber’s Bleak Operating Economics
  2. Understanding Uber’s Uncompetitive Costs
  3. Understanding False Claims About Uber’s Innovation and Competitive Advantages
  4. Understanding That Unregulated Monopoly Was Always Uber’s Central Objective
  5. Addressing Reader Comments and Questions
  6. Latest Data Confirms Bleak P&L Performance While Stephen Levitt Makes Indefensible Consumer Welfare Claims
  7. Uber’s “Narrative” and The Vox and Stratechery Critiques of Naked Capitalism’s Uber Series – Defending Uber Requires Ignoring Industry Economics
  8. Brad Stone’s Uber Book “The Upstarts”– PR/Propaganda Masquerading as Journalism
  9. The 1990s Koch Funded Propaganda Program That is Uber’s True Origin Story
  10. The Uber Death Watch Begins
  11. Annual Uber Losses Now Approaching $5 Billion
  12. Brad Stone and Bloomberg Continue To Get the Uber Story Badly Wrong
  13. Even After 4Q Cost Cuts, Uber Lost $4.5 Billion in 2017
  14. The New Yorker Lays Out the Template for Pro-Uber Propaganda
  15. Uber’s Q1 Results — Reporters Show They Aren’t Up to Reading Financials
  16. Is Morningstar’s Horrendously Bad Uber Analysis a Preview of Uber’s IPO Prospectus?
  17. Uber’s 2018 Results Still Show Huge Losses and Slowing Growth as IPO Approaches
  18. Lyft’s IPO Prospectus Tells Investors That It Has No Idea How Ridesharing Could Ever Be Profitable
  19. Uber’s IPO Prospectus Overstates Its 2018 Profit Improvement by $5 Billion
  20. Will the “Train Wreck” Uber/Lyft IPOs Finally Change the Public Narrative About Ridesharing?
  21. Mike Isaac’s Book Ignores Economics and Financial Results and Gets the Uber Story Almost Entirely Wrong
  22. Profits and Cash Flow Keep Deteriorating as Uber’s GAAP Losses Hit $8.5 Billion
  23. Uber’s Already Hopelessly Unprofitable Economics Take A Major Coronavirus Hit
  24. Uber Loses Another $6.8 Billion
  25. Didi’s IPO Illustrates Why Uber’s Business Model Was Always Hopeless
  26. With No Hope of Real Profits, Uber and Lyft Double Down on Fake Profit Metrics
  27. Despite Staggering Losses, the Uber Propaganda Train Keeps Rolling
  28. Uber Still Unprofitable, But Reduces Losses by Squeezing Drivers and Restaurants